Common Tasks

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Content of this chapter

This chapter deals with tasks which are common to both the Aviz and the AS databases. These include:

  • Opening the databases
  • Registering new households
  • Registering new people.

Note that when using the forms in this database, boxes edged in red contain essential information – these must be completed in order to allow the database to function correctly. Boxes which are not edged in red (the actual colour is system-dependent) are for additional information. Boxes with a white background can be edited directly – those with a shaded background contain information which is recorded elsewhere.
Opening the donations database

main menu As currently configured, the Asociatia Neemia database runs in ACCESS 2003, and it will be necessary to have this software installed on your computer. When the database is installed there will an icon installed on your desktop to run the database directly. Double-click on this icon to start the database loading sequence. This will create a back-up of the existing database and copy the latest version into a working directory. After the database is closed an updated copy will be written back to the online archive.

On successful opening the database will offer the following menu:
Figure 1: Opening Menu
main menu
The main menu offers the following options:

  • Iesire – Exit Database
  • Introducere a datelor – Data Entry (Section 2)
  • Analize de donații – Donations Analyses (Section 3)
  • Inregistrare – Registration (Section 4)
  • Revizuire a beneficiarilor – Beneficiary Review (Section 5)
  • Reporturi de marfa – Stock Reports (Section 6)
  • Operatie technica – Maintenance (Section 7)
Opening the social assistant’s database

main menu The social assistant’s database is configured in a similar manner to that of the donations database. It uses the same back-end table structure but the user menus give emphasis to data that are more relevant to the social assistant’s role.


Registering new households and first-time beneficiaries is covered in detail in Section 4 of this documentation. In summary, the following information is required before a new household or beneficiary can be registered for donations or social assistance:

  • something
  • something
  • something


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