21: Data Entry, Donation Records

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This chapter describes the processes of entering the details from the individual Act de Donatie (aviz) documents.

How to get here: On the main menu, press ‘Data Entry Options’ then ‘Enter Donation Details’.

Required inputs: Completed aviz documents showing details of beneficiaries and items donated. The required information can be obtained from either the pink or the green copies of the donation document, as illustrated below.
Note that corresponding avizze for stock transferred to the shop should also be included in this process.

Image – Act de Donatie, Date necesare

De introducere a datelor

From the main menu, select
‘Data Entry’ and then
‘Enter Donation Details’. This will open the ‘Aviz Data Entry Form’.

Formular de introducere a datelor Aviz

NOTE if the aviz number box shows ‘REF!’ then a data record error has occurred and it will be necessary to correct this before proceeding; refer to the documentation on trouble-shooting.

Stage 1, Donation Details

Data entry starts with the aviz document number. By default the number box will be set to the next number to be entered and it should not be necessary to change this when entering donation records. However, the aviz number and date for shop transfers will have to be set manually.
The aviz date box will default to the date of the latest recorded aviz. It should be adjusted manually for each day’s records. The box will change colour if a date appears to be in error.
The Aviz book number will be calculated after the aviz number has been entered.

Stage 2, Details of Recipient

Click the ‘Open Beneficiary Selection Form’ to select the recipient of the aviz being recorded.
The form has a selection box with a pull-down marked with a black down-arrow. Clicking on this box will show a list of all the beneficiaries whose data is held in the database.
Start typing the name and the list will scroll through the box; once the correct beneficiary has been identified then click on that name. The list also includes other details about each beneficiary, helping to ensure that the correct one is chosen. Then press enter – this will complete the other fields within the Beneficiary box and then the form can be closed by clicking again on the Beneficiary Selection Form button. If the recipient is not identified then press the ‘escape’ key on the keyboard to clear the name, then click on the CNP / Buletin Check and follow the instructions below.

The Beneficiary Selection form has additional option buttons:
CNP / Buletin Check
Beneficiaries can also be selected via their CNP or Buletin. This is useful if the original form is illegible or unclear, or if a beneficiary has changed their name. Clicking on the button marked ‘CNP / Buletin Check’ will open a subform, as shown below.
Enter either the CNP or Buletin of the recipient and press Enter. If the person is already registered then their details will appear where shown and the Transfer button can be used to add them to the Beneficiary Selection form.
If the details are not recognised then a link to the new registration form will open. Opening this link is equivalent to clicking on the ‘Add New Beneficiary’ button below as described below.
Open Persons Table
This button gives direct access to the raw data held concerning this beneficiary. It should not be used without suitable additional training.
Add New Beneficiary
If the correct beneficiary does not appear in the list then it may be necessary to register a new person and probably create a new household record. This button opens the new registration form; further instructions are given in the appropriate Note.
Refresh Beneficiary List
This button will refresh the details held in the database. An automatic update will occur when the Beneficiary Selection form is closed but this button allows the new data to be checked for integrity before closing that form. This can be useful if, for example, a CNP or Buletin has already been registered under another name.
fost B
This button is used to record a change of Buletin, usually due to a change of address or expiry of the previous one. It will transfer the old Buletin details to the Comments box and prompt for the new details to be added. Note: an additional process is required to record a change of name, such as might be the result of a marriage or divorce. See the appropriate Note for more details.
This button will add a comment as a reminder that certain details about the beneficiary have to be confirmed. Example of items to be checked include an incomplete CNP, a suspected mis-spelling of the person’s name or a possible relationship with another registered beneficiary. A description of the data to be checked should be added after the ‘VERIFIC!’ text.
There is an option to update the recipients place of residence using the ‘Localitate’ field. The ‘pull-down’ arrow will give a list of the most recently used locations and the appropriate one can be selected. This is a selection-only field and location names cannot be entered directly.

Stage 3, Details of Donated Items

For each aviz the recipient’s details are entered once but the details of the donated items need to be entered separately for each item. To start this process click on the ‘Open Items Selection Form’ button.

Item Type subform
The Item Type form has a pull-down which lists all the items which are currently in stock and available for donation. The information show the item name and value, the amount in stock and any notes and comments relating to each item.
The quantity in stock is updated after each donation and, at this stage, it is possible to select items that have a zero or negative quantity. Once an item has been selected the pull-down will close and the Item Type form will show the details of the selected item. The three supplementary buttons on this form are for administrative use only.
Click on the ‘Close Item Selection Form’ button to close this form. Then add the actual quantity of the donation to the main form then click on the next row down.
Repeat the above sequence for any additional items on the aviz.
After completing the entry of items then click on the ‘Refresh Donation Record’ button. This will recompute the donation value. Check this value against that written on the aviz – if they do not match then it is necessary to locate the error, either on the aviz form or in the selection of items. Items entered in error can be corrected by clicking on the appropriate row and opening the item selection form again.

Stage 4, Continuation and Completion

Once all the data from the aviz has been entered then there are two options:
Continue with next aviz
Clicking ‘Next’ will refresh the Aviz Entry form, automatically adjusting to the next number for the aviz and inserting the same date as the most recent one. WARNING once the new form has been opened then its data must be completed otherwise an error will occur in the data records.
Close the data entry session
Click ‘Exit Form’ in order to close the data entry session. The data entry menu will then appear, select one of the options or return to the main menu.

Once a full aviz book has been transferred to the database then the summary information should be added to its front cover. This information is obtained by running the aviz summary report via the ‘Donations Analyses’ option on the main database menu. See the appropriate Note for further instructions.
Aviz book summary


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